June Catalyst Week

June 27 - 29

Hosted by

Welcome to Catalyst Week.  Catalyst Week is produced and curated by CatalystCreativ, a small business funded by the Downtown Project the 4th Friday of every month.  Catalyst Week profiles thought leaders from fields ranging from filmmaking to social entrepreneurship, from corporate brand management to nonprofits.  It is so exciting to see the impact that the community has on these individuals’ lives after visiting Downtown Project.  Catalyst week is an experience that allows for these individuals to be the catalyst in the Downtown Project community and even more so for the Downtown Project community to be a catalyst in their lives.

This week is about inspiration, serendipity, and igniting the fire within each and every individual. We hope that everyone who attends will leave remembering that every person in this community is, and can be, a catalyst for someone.

Our intention is to have Catalyst Week become an integral part of Downtown, and be a catalyst for all of the projects that are starting to form.  We most recently started The Catalyst Board on Facebook where individuals from the community, as well as Catalyst attendees, can post problems and link with each other for advice and guidance. We are working on ways to integrate a mentorship program into every Catalyst week, so the magic continues even after the guests leave.

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